Communication Challenges and Labour Market Integration of Skilled Migrants

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Language matters in so many ways, especially in the case of migrants. The Language Matters conference, organized by York University’s School of Nursing on May 16th, 2014 (Toronto), offered a series of presentations and roundtables addressing the role of language fluency in the integration of immigrant professionals into the labour market. Speakers noted that to […]

Immigrant Youth and Homelessness in Finland: Challenges for the Multicultural Society

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Finland’s Strategy to End Long-term Homelessness Long-term homelessness has fallen dramatically in the past twenty years in Finland. The government has approved a national program to reduce and eliminate long-term homelessness by 2015. Phase one of this program, from 2008 to 2011, focused on reducing long-term homelessness where initiatives such as transforming short-term shelters into […]

16th National Metropolis Conference

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The 16th National Metropolis Conference was held in Gatineau, Québec, attracting over 400 attendees from the academic, policy, and non-profit sectors. The conference plenaries, workshops, roundtables, and poster presentations centered on this year’s guiding theme: Partnering for Success: Facilitating Integration and Inclusion. These sessions gave participants an opportunity to discuss and explore relevant issues such […]

Bridging the Gap: Newcomer Access to City Services

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Among the many issues facing newcomers today, the lack of child care, inaccessible quality and affordable housing, and barriers to education and training were discussed at an Open Dialogue Event on Newcomer Access to City services. At this third session of Open Dialogue Events, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) and a range […]

Settlement Service Work as a Second Occupation for Immigrant Professionals

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“I know from my own experience what people go through as newcomers. While fighting for successful immigrant integration, I am fighting for myself as well.” This is how an immigrant settlement worker described her reasons for seeking employment in the settlement sector. And it is a feeling shared by many other professionals working in the […]

Innovative community health partnerships improve access to care for refugees

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For many residents trying to find a primary care provider in Ontario the process can be long and frustrating. In 2011, Health Quality Ontario reported that around 7% of us don’t have a family physician. That number bumps to 34% amongst government assisted refugees (GARs) trying to find a family physician. Under the Immigration and […]

International students in Toronto: in the middle of temporary and permanent

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International students are recruited to come to Canada with the ‘carrot stick’ of permanent residence. The government is not shy about this agenda. CIC’s website in its ‘Fact sheet of International Students and Graduates’ clearly states: “International students and graduates who are gaining experience in Canadian classrooms and workplaces are also an important source of […]

Rights-based approach – a step towards protecting migrant workers?

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Over the last decade, Canada’s labour market increasingly relied on migrant workers who hold precarious temporary immigration status in Canada. In fact, in 2008, the number of temporary migrant workers who entered Canada surpassed the number of economic immigrants who were granted permanent resident status; and it seems this trend will continue in the years […]