Hits From the Bong: Why Is the Bong Increasing in Popularity?

Bongs have a lengthy and distinguished history. They’ve been a staple of smoking for hundreds of years. In recent years, their cumulative appeal has increased dramatically. Modern bongs provide a variety of innovative, cutting-edge technologies that eliminate the more unpleasant aspects of their use. They are therefore more popular and significant than ever before.

What are the perks of using a bong?

The benefits of a bong from a great marijuana delivery service in Edmonton are numerous, so let’s examine some of them now.

Bongs generate smoother hits.

Inhaling cannabis smoke can irritate the throat, a primary downside of smoking cannabis. You may see here that the burning sensation caused by hot smoke entering the lungs through blunts, joints, or dry pipes may dissuade novices.


If you use a bong, the smoke will be cooled by the bongwater before you inhale it, making the experience more pleasurable. Intermittent coughing is inevitable, but smoking from a water pipe is significantly healthier than smoking.

Improved filtration.

When anything is set ablaze, carcinogens are generated. Unfortunately, a bong is incapable of eliminating all carcinogens and other contaminants. Using a bong, however, can significantly reduce the number of harmful compounds inhaled because the water filters them.


In addition, water filters away hazardous combustion byproducts like tar. As any seasoned smoker can confirm, ingesting a sticky piece of ash is one of the more unpleasant aspects of herb smoking. When using a bong, the ash and tar particles remain in the water and are not inhaled. Add an ash-catcher attachment that can be bought from a marijuana dispensary Edmonton Downtown to your water pipe for a cleaner smoking experience.

Bongs eliminate bacteria and mold.

This lessens the number of bacteria present in the lungs. Joints, pipes, and bongs are how cannabis users spread disease. When using a bong, contaminants are filtered through the water instead of your lungs.


Change the water in your bong between uses. Also recommended is a weekly deep cleaning with alcohol and salt. If you share your bong, you should use an alcohol swab to wipe the mouthpiece between users to avoid sharing more than your high.

Bigger hits.

Numerous experienced stoners favor glass bongs. Why is this occurring? It is the only method that permits consumers to inhale deeply. In theory, the container might be filled with smoke and consumed all at once. Massive hits are not the healthiest way to consume cannabis, but they may be entertaining.


Ultimately, only a few bong hits are required to start the celebration. New users should proceed with caution and boost their hit count gradually.

Smoking bongs is a lot of fun.

Bongs are both practical and excellent conversation starters. Glass is a versatile, colorful material. The malleability of glass enables artists to design bongs in various forms.


Even if many new methods or devices are created in the future, bongs will remain the most popular smoking accessory for decades. Numerous elements, including its history, efficiency, craftsmanship, and flavor retention, have fascinated smokers for decades and will continue to do so.


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