Cannabis Strains: Various Types and Effects

Cannabis is the source from which all types of marijuana are made; however, the effects of marijuana on people can vary greatly depending on the species. Some producers have their product named primarily as a branding exercise or even to use the name of an existing brand to identify their product because they feel the strain matches the traits the market expects from the product sold under that name.

Some marijuana strains are more popular than others, and some are sought-after for their distinct benefits. New strains of cannabis occasionally come with intriguing names, usually related to their properties, place of origin, or outward traits like scent or color.

Types of Weed Strains

The cannabis strain you choose will be based on your goal. There are a variety of medicinal uses for cannabis; however, some strains work better for specific illnesses than others. It is crucial to consider the possible adverse effects that the strain may cause.

Sour Diesel

A hybrid strain called Sour Diesel mostly has the incredibly stimulating benefits of Sativa as well as the physically relaxing characteristics of Indica. It has significant THC content. Usually, the high causes a head rush.

Anyone experiencing mild anxiety, stress, or sadness tends to be more inclined to take Sour Diesel. Additionally, it is said to ease muscle discomforts and aches. Many people take it when they are less willing to eat to curb their appetite.

The euphoria from Sour Diesel could be overpowering and cause psychosis for specific individuals. Sour Diesel is a highly energetic, mood-lifting strain that can improve your performance at work. It also helps to reduce stress and eases discomfort. A company like Maine Cannabis Exchange medical dispensary offers common cannabis strains.

Purple Kush

An Indica strain Purple Kush provides an energizing and relaxing body high. It is a high concentration of THC. Due to the purple hue and the fact it first appeared in the Kush area near Afghanistan, the plant is referred to as “Purple Kush.”

People with chronic pain, sadness, or anxiety frequently utilize it because of its capacity to bring physical relaxation. Patients who require relief from temporary or unintentional discomfort can also use it. 

Purple Kush creates a blissful mood that leaves you feeling at ease, content, and exhausted. It is often used to reduce pain and muscular spasms. Due to its sedative qualities, it is often used to aid sleepiness. You can try a cannabis chocolate bar if you want to take marijuana differently.

Blue Dream

Another popular Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis variety is called Blue Dream. It produces a stimulating mental high that can boost users’ motivation and focus. Many claims that it can provide calming and pain-relieving benefits.

The name of the strain comes from the unknown source of the strain that makes it appear like it’s a dream. It’s a sweet taste that some associate with sugar and blueberries.

People with persistent exhaustion, depression, sadness, or an inability to eat have stated that the Blue Dream has therapeutic benefits which can help with these issues. The Blue Dream has also been reported to relieve migraines and chronic pain.

Although Blue Dream is calming, it will not make you sleepy. This is why it’s ideal for reducing discomfort, for example, inflammation or cramps that you cannot afford to lie down. It also improves your mood and can make you feel happy. Visit a cannabis dispensary to learn about medical cannabis tinctures.

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