What Does Bill C-51 Mean for Migration and Migrants in Canada?

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On May 6, the House of Commons passed Bill C-51, also known as the Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015. The Bill amends a large number of current Canadian laws to enable information sharing between government agencies and establish a no-fly list under the authority of the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. These changes will have […]


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Express Entry and the Role of Employers in Immigrant Selection

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On January 1, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) launched Express Entry – a new immigration program designed to recruit immigrants who can meet the immediate demands of Canada’s labour market. The new system is a clear shift away from the old point system where the Federal Government had a significant role in bringing immigrants […]

What Other Choice Do They Have? Undocumented Migrant Workers in the U.S.

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In 2003 I started studying the craft industry in an indigenous region in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. I heard many stories about migrant workers living in the U.S., at first from those they left behind in Guerrero, and later from migrants themselves. What I learned made me want to learn more. In order […]

Meeting the Distinctive Needs of Newcomer Children

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Settlement is a complex process that follows change and leads to new beginnings. It is a time of flux and uncertainty that is usually associated with adults, sometimes with families, but less often with individual children. Instead of focusing on children and working with parents, people frequently assume that the needs of newcomer children can […]

Precarious Migration in Canada and the ‘Ideal Migrant’

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As in many industrialized nations, immigration policy in Canada has increasingly been showing a strong preference for the permanent settlement of skilled migrants in comparison to other classes. Access to citizenship and its benefits are available primarily to those migrants who are perceived to be strong contributors to the national economy and those who can […]

What we can no longer do and who we can no longer be

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Recent policy on removing the ‘Canadian experience’ barrier and some very successful initiatives by organizations such as the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council have been put in place to address the problem of underemployment among immigrant professionals. These initiatives are seen as major steps in facilitating the transitions of migrants into the Canadian labour market. […]

Recommendations to Facilitate the Post-Secondary Pathways of Filipino Youth

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“Despite being the most educated group in the first generation, Filipino youth go through university in fewer numbers, and in massive contrast to other communities” This summer, the York Centre for Asian Research hosted a symposium to discuss the results of its Youth Transitions in Canada (FYTIC) project. Over 40 educators, community leaders and social […]