CERIS houses a comprehensive online resource collection of policy- and practice-relevant publications, reports, working papers, and research summaries on migration and settlement. The three main types of publications in our library include working papers, policy research reports, and research summaries.  Use the search engine below to find resources by keyword, title, or author’s LAST name.

Working Papers
The CERIS Working Papers Series report on current immigration research and its implications for policy and practice. Usually 15-30 pages in length, this publication series disseminates results to a wide range of audiences including researchers, policy makers and community partners.

Policy Matters
Policy Matters is a series of abbreviated research reports unique to CERIS that focuses on key policy issues affecting migration, diversity, settlement and integration in Canada. The goal is to provide accessible, concise information regarding current immigration research and its implications for policy development.

Research Syntheses
CERIS produces state of the art research syntheses to build knowledge base and formulate new research questions by identifying gaps in the literature.

Research Summaries
Research summaries provide a general and concise synthesis of research projects by CERIS and its affiliates.

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