These reports are part of a research synthesis project conducted by CERIS with funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The project covered five main areas of Canadian immigration on the domestic front: settlement and integration, foreign credential recognition, citizenship, multiculturalism, and refugees.

In addition to synthesizing and annotating recent research, each area report samples significant research in progress and lists key research institutions and researchers. Les rapports sont aussi disponibles en français.

Settlement and Integration

Report (English)  /  Rapport (français)  |  Infographic  |  PowerPoint  |  Video Presentation

Foreign Credential Recognition

Report (English)  /  Rapport (français)  |  Infographic  |  PowerPoint  |  Video Presentation


Report (English)  /  Rapport (français|  Infographic  |  Video Presentation


Report (English)  /  Rapport (français|  Infographic  |  PowerPoint  |  Video Presentation


Report (English)  /  Rapport (français)  |  Infographic  |  PowerPoint  |  Video Presentation


Settlement Perspective

Video Presentation

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